Andrew Pettit 1716–1748

Andrew Pettit 1716–1748 husband of Dinah Woolverton 1711–1778

Marriage: 1731 NJ

Andrew Pettit
BIRTH 1716 • Amwell Hunterdon County New Jersey, USA
DEATH 1748 • Kingswood, Hunterdon, NJ
husband of 6th great-aunt

Marriage: 1731 NJ
Note: Three Woolverton siblings married three Pettit siblings.

1. Dennis Woolverton married Elizabeth Pettit
2. Dinah Woolverton married Andrew Pettit
3. Thomas Woolverton married Mary Pettit

Dinah Woolverton
BIRTH MAR 26, 1711 • Rosemont, Hunterdon, New Jersey, United States
DEATH 1778 • Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
6th great-aunt

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